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MediaEdge Poll on: Offline Vs Online Media;How Will it End?'


This is to invite the general public to participate in an Opinion Poll survey conducted by CBD MediaEdge Communications Ltd,an Abuja-based media communications company,to understand newspaper readership pattern  in relation to the 'New Media' in the last five years in Nigeria.

The objective is to understand the depth of migration into the online platform and the impact it has had on news production and consumption overtime.

The global view on this matter is that the omnipresent nature of online news has continued  to shape the way readers behave in news consumption and assimilation. Moreso that news are  now more intrusive and accessed online through different handheld devices.

Social media platforms like Facebook ,Twitter, Whatsapp etc  are considered to be particularly engaging, interactive and have become a veritable means of Information dissemination  in corporate organizations and between individuals.

Yet, there are purists who believe that newspapers in its hardcopy form will continue to exist for a long time to come, if only because, newspaper have kept an unassailable track record in news reliability and credibility.

It is in view of the above that MediaEdge Polls is undertaking a public opinion poll survey to understand the specific trend, pattern, depth and other important variables in the different variants of behaviour on this subject.

The survey will be based on online and direct questionnaire approach administered to a fairly large population. The survey will cut across all strata of the society with special focus on critical stakeholders such as Media Professional, Lawmakers , Businessmen, Lawyers, Labour, Academia, Political Parties, Women, Youth Organizations etc 

To participate in this survey ,please click on the relevant address below:

(a)The Public:

(b) Media Operators:

MediaEdge Polls is regularly conducted by CBD MediaEdge Communications Ltd, an Abuja-based media and communications company.

Isiaq Ajibola 

Chairman/CEO, CBD MediaEdge communications Ltd.